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Investing in pre and seed stage climate tech companies that leverage hard science and novel engineering to create a global economy more closely aligned with the earth’s ecology.

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We know the

earth is burning. ​It’s time to identify ​and develop ​solutions.

Technology has ​matured, talent

is dedicated to ​finding solutions, ​and capital from ​public and

private sectors ​are committed

Compression of value creation in pre and seed ​stage for science-based companies specifically.

There is non dilutive grant funding to build

“product” , there are (climate/deep tech specific)

accelerators for capacity building not he

commercial & business side, then there are

alternative capital formation options post series A.

There is a dearth of pre and Seed funders for

deep tech climate.

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Why Now &

Why Anthropocene?


Striking where the most value will be created.



Our Team is ​balancved



Our team is ​experienced, ​focused, ​determined, and ​diligent. This is ​our passion, and ​our numbers ​back it up.

The timing is ​perfect


The issue is ​urgent



There is a specific opportunity:

Tech is de-risked, pre/seed in climate ​is under capitalized, corporate and ​governments are market makers

Strategic Opportunity

• ​•

The Macro is the best it’s been in 15 years.

VC has been reset so this vintage (23/24/25) will

be great

Tactical Opportunity


We believe the world

is entering a fourth

industrial revolution.

One that is driven by a reaction both to climate change and ​updated national security concerns.

We are reindustrializing the planet, focusing on net zero and more

resilient supply and value chains.



from IRA, CHIPS ​& Science Act,

Jobs Act



by 2030 from ​European Green



of Fortune 500 ​companies with ​Net Zero targets


of 2022 venture ​funding in Climate ​Tech

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Who We Are

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Our Team

The Anthropocene team combines decades of success in founding, scaling and investing in startups. We exclusively focused on climate for the last 5 years, as angels and with Anthropocene Fund I.

Profile photo of Matthew McGraw

Matt McGraw

Managing Partner 

Matt is a lifelong day zero entrepreneur, founder of Rocket Science, Dispatch Labs, and Constellation Labs. Married into climate policy expertise, he brings 15 years of experience, a stellar angel investor track record (Twitter, MasterClass), and a focus on physics, deep tech, Blockchain, and AI. His expertise in layer 1 protocols and deep M&A experience showcase his strategic impact in the business world.

Alicia Cha Umphreys' Investing Profile - Anthropocene Ventures Partner |  Signal

Alicia Cha Umphreys

Managing Partner 

Alicia, seasoned VC investor with notable roles at Formation 8 and 8VC. Key player in launching 8VC ($4B AUM, frontier tech focus) and Brookfield's $350M VC fund for the built environment. Three years overseeing 8VC portfolio companies, showcasing expertise in growth strategy and tech investment.

James Boettcher - Palo Alto, California, United States | Professional  Profile | LinkedIn

Jim Boettcher

Managing Partner


Jim, founder of top-performing Focus Ventures, lifetime AUM over $1.1 billion, Forbes Midas list recognition. Seasoned VC with 30 board positions, overseeing $3 billion in investor liquidity. Dedicated climate investor since the 80s, emphasizing water and waste management. Trained as an electrical engineer, Jim brings deep expertise to hard science projects, marking a versatile career in investment and technology.

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Who We Are

We are a community ​from industry, ​government, academia ​and capital markets. ​With our Human Impact ​Team (HIT), we can

select better.

We have an extensive network of deep expertise for sourcing, due diligence and managing our portfolio.

Daniel Kriozere ​Climate Capital GP ​Deal Sourcing

Arnaud Blandin

CEO Beyond Builders ​ESG Measurement

Ben Bartlett

CA Elected Official ​Crypto & Green Policy

Sarah Slaughter

ED Built Environment Coalition ​Built Environment

Chad Dyer

Fr. CIO Sequoia ​Data and Platforms

Rachel Howard

Public Private Partnerships

Rik Willard


Data Policy & Finance

Leah Edwards

Pegasus Tech ventures, UC Berkeley

LATAM Commercialization

Lerwin Liu

Asian Development Bank Circular Economic Models

Nathaniel Krasnoff ​WEF, Carnegie Melon ​VC/PE Deal Making

Reese Jones

Founder Singularity U Futurism, Biomimicry

Paul Willard ​RGREP VC ​Robotics



Supply Chain

Sander Dolder


Public Policy, Smart Cities

Chisom A'marie New Voices Fund ClimateTech VC

Elizabeth Hunker Data & Economics

Star Varga Early Stage

John taylor

Founder, ​Evolutionary Leadership


Bloomberg Philanthropies, Columbia U

Public Policy & Regulations

Danielle Wood ​MIT Media Lab ​Space Tech

Lisa Yu

Dream Teamers

Scaling & Commercialization

Pam Marrone Marrone Bio

Ag & Food Tech

Peter Light

Fr Google X ​Renewable Energy

Alexander Torrenegra CEO

Global Talent & Recruiting

Dr. Laureen Meroueh

Hydrogen & Mech Engineering

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Our Investment Criteria Defines Our Investment Process


Pre Seed,


+ Series A

Undercapitalized Climate


Exponential Technology and Hard Science Solutions

Where We Can

Add Value

Early Stage allows us to focus on what will be investable by larger institutions 2-4 years from now.

MOIC > Ownership % at this stage. SPVs for Pro Rata.

We expect high # of M&A deals with our portfolio after series A, so less dilution.

Renewable Energy + Decarb are the brand name sectors.

We believe H2O, built environment, alternative materials, etc. will be the focus in 2-4 years.

Get better deals + valuations.

Reindustrializing will be brick by brick, not wholesale replacement of existing value and supply chains.

Deep Tech time to market has been drastically reduced because of exponential technologies.

Private market physical science solutions are pulling ahead on the J curve.

Most firms avoid these technologies – because they know SaaS and that’s it.

This is where the paydirt is with publicly built infrastructure.

Deep tech founders and scientists know startups through medium posts, for most this is their first rodeo.

We can help them grow the business, not the technology.

We can introduce them to global markets, espescially Asia.

We have great Series A and above firm to take them to when ready.

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Portfolio Companies

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Our Investible Universe

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